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Headshots are a vital part of your progress in the industry and you want to be able to trust your photographer and the outcome. AKT would highly recommend these services

Diana Field Photography - Wonderful shots and very reasonably priced, as a performer herself Diana is in sync with industry expectations and understands the want to get the best outcome.

MUG Photography - One of London's leading headshot Photographers with great industry knowledge and creates a wonderful on set rapport with the performer.

The Headshot Box

Headed up by two very experienced photographers with extensive knowledge of industry requirements you will be in very safe hands with The Headshot Box.


Showreel Creation & Editing

Cost effective showreel edits with quality material are crucial for a lot of performers to show off their skills. 

AKT would highly recommend the service of the below and would entrust that clients would achieve a successful outcome.

Slick Showreels

One Foot Showreels

Rayneau Recordings: 

High Quality Vocal Reels

 for AFFORDABLE prices, Contact via
Social media: @LouisRayneau or via Email


Useful Links

Staying connected in the industry is vital, achieving the best quality training and maintaining performance form is key. AKT would recommend the below connections to help with continued knowledge and development.

The Stage

The Hustle Community & Facebook Group


Pineapple Dance Studios

Dance Attic

Dance Works

Diarama Arts Centre

The Actors Centre

For chaperoning or tutoring enquires AKT would highly recommend :

Premiere Chaperones

For further recommendations on singing teachers, performance training, training for young performers or to let AKT about services please don't hesitate to contact us.