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In conjunction with LYBEC Arts

AKT is not just another performance class, AKT is able to provide examinations and individual discipline training. This means that students who don’t wish to participate in all areas can be more selective in their chosen classes. 

AKT students will also have the opportunity to participate in Musical Theatre, Drama/Play, Showcase, Recorded and classroom performances. These performances will act as a catalyst in their confidence growth, performance and communication skills. 

AKT Management @ Lybec Arts

Classes launching in 2019 in Surrey



AKT's ethos that marks the student’s journey with us.

Regardless of whether the student wants to be in the bright lights of theatre land or behind a boardroom table the elements taught will develop a student’s confidence, self-belief and allow them to not only dream big but ensure they develop the communication skills to achieve their ambitions.

Students who wish to develop their performance skills in order to progress within the creative arts will be provided with up to date training and insights into the performance industry. 

Whilst training with AKT students have the opportunity to take up possible representation with AKT Management allowing them to explore further opportunities to develop and succeed within the arts. 

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AKT Management @ LYBEC Arts launches in January 2019, initially we will be registering for three workshop day allowing an insight to the training. 

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