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Acting for Stage & Screen - AGE 11 +


Season One

Block One

·  Acting

·  TV, film & radio

·  Improvisation

Block Two

·  Actor & Text

·  Voice

·  Movement

Block Three

·  Classical & Contemporary monologues

·  Exploring Genre’s

·  Preparation for audition

Showcase– A chance to see the final product of the student’s hard work.

Season Two is progression towards further skills growth, group and individual exams and a play for public performance.

Season Three will include the creation of short showreels, and skills growth focussed on screen and commercial with a final showing.

(includes mock casting and screen tests, presenting for screen/radio)

The Course is structured to equip students with the extra knowledge and skillset that they wouldn’t necessarily gain from attending other styles of performance class and will assist in future aspirations of drama school as well as aiding with confidence growth, communication, public speaking and interpersonal skills development. 


AKT academy launches in 2019

unlike most performance classes on the market students can specialise in a discipline of their choice. Training is provided with skills and knowledge development in equal measure bridging the vocational training gap in most performance classes.

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